2015 DorneyFest

 June 20 – June 21, 2015

BOYS grade 3 through 11 from across the NorthEast U.S, putting on display the talent and skill of some of the the TOP AAU TEAMS in this country !!!

Tournament Schedule/Brackets:  *******Dorney JamFest Schedule ****** Updated 6/17/2015 4:28 pmDorney Fest

Team Registration And/Or Payment: Registration is now closed!!!!


ESYC Player Waiver and Release Form

Contact information:
Marlon Thomas – 610-842-1606

Email: esychoops@gmail.com

Gym locations:

Louis E. Dieruff High School

815 N irving St.
Allentown, PA 18109

William Allen High School
126 N 17th St.
Allentown, PA 1810


Dorney Park



Courtyard by Marriott, Easton/Bethlehem, PA

Peggy Godfrey, Sales Director

2220 Emrick Boulevard, Bethlehem, PA 18018

S: 610-625-9515 H: 610-625-9500 F: 610-625-8817

Book your group rate: Lehigh Valley Heat DorneyFest;

Would like to submit questions? Contact us via online form

D1 Workouts Elite Summer Camps @ ESYC

D1 Banner


Our 2015 D1 Boys Basketball Elite Camp is designed for player who wants to take their game from an intermediate level to an advanced level. This camp will help you prepare you for basketball career in middle school, high school and / or college.

You will receive skilled instruction from Coach Don Dentith who is Player Developer for D1 Workouts. Don maintains the title of Pen Argyl’s all-time leading scorer, to this day. He also is always looking towards bigger picture; Coach Don strives toward peak performance with the goal of getting as many college opportunities for players as possible.

If you are serious about becoming a better basketball player, we will see you this summer.

CAMP PARTICIPANTS: The Elite camp is open to any and all entrants. However this camp is tailored to advanced players in ages 8 – 16. It is recommended they you have played competitive basketball in the past year.

Registration Fee: $175 Click Here

Camp Dates:

June 22-25 2015 Register Here

July 21-24, 2015 Register Here

August 3-6, 2015 Register Here

Don Dentith of D1 Workouts:



Boys 2015 Summer League Rosters

Summer Registration is now Closed:

Parents due to the total amount of kids that are participating we will have adhere to a 12 man rotation of players based of the coaches selection process.  This process means that 3 players will have off one game but play the next game.  For more information please contact your coaches.

If your child has not been placed on a team (see rosters below), please contact our Summer League Coordinator, Coach Andre Cooper at 484-597-9221.

The cancellation of games due to weather conditions, will be determined by the City of Allentown Department of Parks and Recreation. You may call the Recreation Inclement Weather Hotline at (610) 437-7750 after 4:30 pm on weekdays and after 8:00 am on weekends for cancellation information. 

4th thru 8th Grade Boys Travel team rosters are listed below. Schedule Links have been updated 6/1/2015.

3/4th Boys Minor Division A:
Coach John Glass                 Cell Phone Number: (484) 505-8177Schedule: 2015 Boys Minor A Schedule
A. Wakstien
C. Fotta
D. Mariani
D. Darville
P. Belleteiri
R. Dejohn
T. Meckfessel
B. Nunez
B. Kieres
C. Taylor
R. Jackson
E. Pennell
A. Pearsall
C. Pearsall
3/4th Boys Minor Division B:
Coach Jaime Benson             Cell Phone Number: (484) 350-5688 Schedule: 2015 Boys Minor B Schedule
T. Pinnock
J. Ensley
A. Whitesell
A. Romero
I. Millan
W. Csensits
J. Benson
K. Artis
J. Turley
J. Benson
N. Davis
N. Miranda
E. Morales
6th Grade Cadet A Boys:
Coach Carlos Rivera            Cell Phone Number: (610) 570-3749Schedule (ESYC 2021): 2015 Boys Cadet A Schedule
D. Tierney
E. Rivera
J. Adams
Z. Ankron
S. Smith
S. Hutchinson
M. Ortiz
F. Galan
J. Gil
K. Kratzer
J. Carrion
J. Sheriff
M. Bermudez
T. Snyder
5th Grade Cadet A Boys :
Coach Lou Benson Jr.              Cell Phone Number: (610) 393-1696Schedule (ESYC 2022): 2015 Boys Cadet A Schedule
T. Thomas
K. Melson
L. Johnson
J. Johnson
A. Cercado
B. Reed
R. Kresge
J. Frizz
J. Adames
P. Marciniak
D. Gonzalez
T. Fitzpatrick
L. Kuklis
J. Contreras
5/6th Grade Boys Cadet B:
Coach Jimmy Rodgers            Cell Phone Number: (347) 257-3137Schedule: 2015 Boys Cadet B Schedule
C. Faust
D. Rodgers
I. Cruz
J. Woody
M. Matos
N. Strobl
O. Fischl
S. Schultz
J. Porter
L Farnschlader
D. Tierney
M. Savage
M. Savage
L. Hargrow
J. Velez
G. Psarros
7th Grade Boys (Junior A):
Coaches Andre Cooper              Cell Phone Number: (484) 597-9221Schedule: 2015 Boys Junior A Schedule
J. Thomas
N. Filchner
T. Wall
J. Perkins
A. Adderley
J. Green
C. Hudson
L. Baloh
S. Dezonie
Z. Harrison
T. Ketner
J. Felix
N. Chimelis
Z. Umar
7th Grade Boys (Junior A):       Coach Craig Luska                   Cell Phone Number: (610) 739-9027Schedule: 2015 Boys Junior A Schedule R. Santana
B. Sanatana
D. Stephanides
D. Scarboro
J. Walsh
J. Fuara
L. Garrett
N. Seeley
E. Marte
J. Baker
P. McCarthy
7th / 8th Grade Boys (Junior B):
Coaches Jason Cepeda            Cell Phone Number: (484) 546-1598Schedule: 2015 Boys Junior B Schedule
A. Khan
D. McCaulley
J. Albert
L. Flick
M. Dobbins
C. Carey
R. Ali
R. Todd
S. Georges
R. Roth
N. Cepeda
G. Sanon
S. Super
J. Lyons
R. Mendez
7th / 8th Grade Boys (Junior B):
Coaches Rick MillanCell Phone Number: (484) 357-0663Schedule: 2015 Boys Junior B Schedule
K. Davis
J. Johnson
L. Eggleston
A. Sorber
A. Sorber
W. Debus
R. Millan
I. Bermejo
T. Snyder
Ja. Thomas
J. Canada
Q. Erk
G. Mackenzie
A. Wakim
A. Torres

2015 Summer Basketball

BASKETBALL NEVER STOPS! ESYC will be participating in Allentown’s Summer Basketball League. Both AAU-caliber, and recreational players (grades 4-8) will be competing, with the overall goal to improve their game in preparation for the Winter Basketball season.

2013 Summer League 3/4 Grade Champions - UNDEFEATED

2013 Summer League 3/4 Grade Champions – UNDEFEATED

SIGNUP DATES FOR BOYS AND GIRLS grades 4-8:  Tuesday & Thursdays (6pm8pm)


In order to compete and participate in the summer league, each player must complete the two following forms:

ESYC Participation Contract Form (Click on the link)

ESYC Medical Release Form (Click on the link)

Tryout Fee:  $0

Registration Fee: $35 ESYC Fee + $15 T-Shirt

Registration & payment may be also be completed online.

Questions? Contact: Marlon Thomas, 610-842-1606, esychoops@gmail.com

2015 Jay Radio Invitational

May 2-4, 2015
ESYC Elite’s Spring Elite Series: 2015 Jay Radio Invitational
ESYC Elite is happy to honor Mr. Jay Radio each year in naming this tournament after him for all he has done for the community.  Learn more about Mr. Radio online in our “Who Is Jay Radio” story, and don’t forget to wish him well at the tournament this year!
Tournament Schedule/Brackets:
Tournament Playing Rules:
Contact information:
Marlon Thomas – 610-842-1606

Email: esychoops@gmail.com

Gym locations:

Eastside Youth Center
1140 East Clair St
Allentown, PA 18109

William Allen High School
126 N 17th St.
Allentown, PA 18102



Courtyard by Marriott, Easton/Bethlehem, PA

2220 Emrick Boulevard, Bethlehem, PA 18018

Would like to submit questions? Contact us via online form

ESYC Elite Development Basketball Spring League RETURNS!



WE ARE OPEN FRIDAY, APRIL 3!  Basketball NEVER stops!

The following are team rosters TO DATE.  The season scheduled is listed below. Always visit this page on game day for last minute changes.

Team 1 (Coach Sarkozy):
Abraham, E.
Brook, N.
Debus, W.
Donohue, P.
Fiore, C.
Goodman, X.
Resto, X.
Rodriguez, A.
Sarkozy, A.
Sexton, X.
Team 2 (Coach Brian):
Csensits, W.
Hill, D.
Kaetzel, T.
Lodwig, O.
Moge, E.
Montanez, E.
McNeill, A.
Pearsall, A.
Snyder, T.
Taylor, C.
Team 3 – Black (Coach Jaime):
Benson, J.
Benson, J.
Bermudez, M.
Cutignola, J.
Dorsey, T.
Dorsey, K.
Kunz, N.
Meltsch, J.
Sorber, A.
Sorber, A.
Ray, C.
Team 4 (Coach Quan):
Aidara, A.
Cordes, M.
Debus, J.
Marcks, C.
Marcks, T.
Martinez, J.
Matos, E.
Morales, E.
Pearsall, C.
Siggins, M.
Team 5 (Coach Nitza):
Baus, Z.
Cannone, J.
Delgado, J.
Goodwin, B.
Guthbart, S.
Johnson, J.
Millan, I.
Millan, R.
Pennell, E.
Team 6 (Coach Jimmy):
Alvarado, A.
Brislin, B.
Cabeza, L.
Carrion, J.
Hensinger, P.
Plessl, Joey
Sandt, C.
Sincere, M.

A “Bye  Week” indicates a free skill & drill session for the assigned team(s), from 4:30pm to 5:45pm on Fridays.  Team shirts MUST be worn for free entry to the Skills & Drills session.

Teams not assigned to a Bye Week will be granted a discounted fee of $5.  Team shirts MUST be worn for discounted entry to a Skills & Drills session.



To help players grow in athletic skills, conditioning and self-confidence. To show that regardless of your skill level, if you concentrate on the court, you can make plays for a basketball team To help youths learn from basketball:

Teamwork                      Composure

Self-Discipline               Dignity

Sportsmanship             Respect

Positive Attitude           Responsibility

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there tryouts?
There are no tryouts, and no one will be cut!  Players will be evaluated to assess their skill level solely for the purpose of balancing team skillsets.

Does the $135 cost cover tryout fees?
There are no tryout fees since there are no tryouts.

What does the fee include?
The fee includes 7-8 in-house games, discounted skills & drills sessions, gym rental, coaching, and a t-shirt.  Registration for the D-League season is available now.

Can my child attend first to see if he/she likes it before we commit to registering & payment?
NO. Players will not be evaluated or be allowed to play without full registration & payment.

When are practices scheduled?
There are no practices scheduled. Players simply attend scheduled games and are coached for their playing period. It is presumed that most players have some team experience. However, as the developmental league is also instructional, players will receive balanced playing time as much as possible, to ensure exposure to the game. Experienced coaches will offer players game-time tips.

I can only attend one Player Evaluation session. Is this ok?
Yes. However, it is always best to attend more than one session so that your player can be better evaluated. Players can have “off” days, as well as their “best day ever”, and not be accurately assessed according to their consistent play.

Will there be uniforms?
Players will receive t-shirts for their assigned team. T-shirts are included in the cost.

Is this part of the AAU program?
No. This development league is offered as a different option to play Spring or Fall basketball. Often players will have developed their skills enough to play on AAU teams after playing in this development league.

My child does not live in the vicinity.  May he/she still participate?
Yes! There are no residency restrictions for this program.

My child has never played on a team before. Is this program the right fit?
It is presumed that players already know how to dribble and shoot, and understand the basic fundamentals of the game. These skills may have been learned at the local park. The development league is not designed to teach players how to dribble and shoot, but to help players gain increased comfort in using their learned skills so as to improve their game-time extincts.

Is there equal playing time for players?
Games are designed so that all players get balanced playing time as much as possible per 20-minute half on a running clock, assuming a 10-player roster. This does not guarantee ball touches, nor player roles.

How are teams structured?
Teams are structured EVENLY as much as possible according to evaluated skillsets as well as age, height, gender, and overall basketball experience. Former teammates are often split across D-League teams to create balance within the league. Players are not guaranteed placement with specific coaches or friends. This approach creates a fairness within the league, fosters a learning environment, and promotes creativity.

Can I mail in a check or pay cash?
The method of payment strongly preferred is through our online process, although cash payments can be made in person during player assessments

Will there be a tournament or championship game?
No. Although the games get pretty competitive, the emphasis for this league is DEVELOPMENT. Introducing a tournament or championship places an emphasis on winning, and the development of weakness among players gets overlooked. There’s plenty of time for that in competitive leagues.

Are these games officiated?

Development League Phone Contact: Marlon Thomas, 610-842-1606, esychoops@gmail.com

ESYC Elite 610ers Host Lehigh Valley Tournaments!

It’s official!  The Lehigh Valley is on the NATIONAL basketball map, and the word is Spring Elite Series Logobeing spread that some of the nation’s premier ballers can be found right here!  Once again ESYC Elite will be showcasing some of it’s talented ballers as it hosts 2 reputable AAU tournaments this year:  The Annual Jay Radio Invitational (May 1-3), and the Dorney Jam Fest Tourney (June 20-21).

Spring Elite 2015-page-0

Teams may register for these events NOW.  Slots fill up fast, so be sure to get your team in as soon as possible.

You don’t want to miss this!

2015 ESYC Elite AAU Roster

Congratulations to the 2015 AAU Players!  Listed below are 2015 AAU team rosters for 10u through 16u. Parent meetings for ALL teams (10u through 16u) are listed below.

9th/10th Grade Teams:

10th Grade/16U National Team
Parent meeting: Wed 2/18 8:00 @ ESYC

D. Negron
B. Christian-Burgess
B. Christian-Burgess
S. Diaz
T. Keller
J. Odle
N. Wright
C. Gutierrez
K. Woodson
D. Smith
J. Winslow
B. Pearsall

9th Grade/15u National Team
Parent meeting: Wed 2/18 8:00 @ ESYC

J. Frett
I. Figueroa
D. Thomas
N. Speight
A. Schrayer
T. Holland
G. Martinez
T. Gribb
A. Jacob
C. Richardson
I. Frison
B. Jones

8th Grade Team:

8th Grade Travel Team


7th Grade Teams:

7th Grade National Team
Parent meeting Wed, 2/18 @ 7:30 pm @ ESYC

J. Walsh
J. Melady
J. Neri
J. Faura
J. Timby
L. Traina
R. Santana
B. Santana
I. Tyler
B. Geatons

7th Grade Travel Team
Parent meeting Wed, 2/18 @ 6:00 pm @ ESYC

S. Georges
D. McClaulley
N. Cepeda
M. Dobbins
N. Chimbliss
J. Albert
L. Flick
R. Todd
A. Kahn
R. Ali

6th Grade Teams:

6th Grade National Team
Parent meeting Wed, 2/18 7:30 pm @ ESYC

F. Galon Jr
N. Snead
I. Alexander
J. Siggins
J. Schneck
D. Alvarez
R. Petrosky
T. Rolle
L. Hargrow
K. Kratzer
M. Torres

6th Grade Travel Team
Parent meeting Wed, 2/18 6:00 pm @ ESYC

J. Espinosa
D. Scialla
J. Woody
D. Rodgers
J. Contreras
C. Faust
S. Schultz
N. Strobl
I. Rodriguez
J. Nunez

5th Grade Teams:

5th Grade Travel Team
Parent meeting Wed, 2/18 6:00 pm @ ESYC

A. Cercado
B. Campbell
K. Hodrick
A. Leblanc
G. Morales
P. Bova
J. Walborn
R. Jackson
L. Farshschlader
B. Kieres

4th Grade Team:

4th Grade National Team
Parent meeting Wed, 2/18 @ 7 pm @ ESYC

C. Fotta
R. Dejohn
D. Darville
D. Mariani
C. Ray
T. McKessel
A. Wakstein
P. Belleteiri
W. Barber
B. Nunez

4th Grade Travel Team
Parent meeting Wed, 2/18 @ 6:00 pm @ ESYC

M. Wittland
J. Turley
N. Davis
J. Benson
A. Hulbert
J. Ensley
A. Whitesell
T. Pinnot
J. Naylor
B. Kieres
K. Artis

Boys grades 3-7 and Girls grades 5-8: If you’re name is not listed on an AAU team and you are still interested in playing Spring basketball, join the ESYC Elite Development League!

For more information, contact Marlon Thomas at 610-842-1606, or email esychoops@gmail.com.

Find out about the Lehigh Valley Heat AAU Girls Tryouts

ESYC Calendar Events


PLEASE NOTE: All ESYC participants (parents, players, coaches, officials & spectators) are to adhere to our Zero Tolerance Policy.


Spring D-League Registration Dates

Friday, March 13 @ 6:00 7:00 pm   SECOND TEAM / PLAYER EVALUATION 

Skills Training @ ESYC

Sunday Monday Wednesday
Friday Saturday
 4:30 pm – 5:45 pm: “Advanced Training Series”    Cost is $15 per player.  Weekly

D-League Final Evaluations: 3/13/2015

*ADVANCED: Players should be able to dribble — WITH EYES/CHIN UP — with either hand, perform BOTH left and right hand layups, execute between leg, behind-back, in/out, and step-crossover moves with speed and efficiency, and successfully shoot jumpers off the dribble (min. 15 foot). All skills must show proper footwork. Players should be able to follow multiple drill instructions and execute drills (through skill AND behavior) so as not to impede upon the progress of the drills for other advanced players.

2015 ESYC Elite AAU Tryouts


Tryout fee is $20.00, payable online. This fee is not applicable to any other fees you may incur if you make the team.

  • Boys AAU Basketball: Grades 4 through 10
  • Players please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to tryouts.
  • Players should wear a jersey with a name and number on it so coaches can get to know each and every player.
  • Tryouts held at the ESYC: 1140 Clair St, Allentown, PA
  • Review these AAU tryout tips!


  • 4th Grade AAU Tryouts 10u:
  • Mon, Jan 19th 5:00 – 6:15
    • Mon, Feb 16th 5:45 – 7:00
  • 5th Grade AAU Tryouts 11u:
  • Mon, Jan 19th 6:00 – 7:15
    • Mon, Feb 16th 5:45 – 7:00
  • 6th Grade AAU Tryouts 12u:
  • Mon, Jan 19th 6:00 – 7:15
    • Mon, Feb 16th 7:15 – 8:00
  • 7th Grade AAU Tryouts 13u:
  • Mon, Jan 19th 7:30 – 8:45
    • Mon, Feb 16th 8:00 – 9:15
  • 8th Grade AAU Tryouts 14u:
  • Mon, Jan 19th 7:30 – 8:45
    • Mon, Feb 16th 8:00 – 9:15
  • 9th Grade AAU Tryouts 15u:
  • Sun, Feb 8th 10:00 – 11:30
  • 10th Grade AAU Tryouts 16u:
  • Sun, Feb 8th 12:00 – 1:30

All players should try to make both tryouts and wear a jersey with the players name and number on the back.

Each Player Will Receive The Following:

  • At least 25- 30 Hours Of Practice Time With AAU Certified Coaches


  • 10U 6 Tournaments $399
  • 11U 7 Tournaments $425
  • 12U 7 Tournaments $425
  • 13U 7 Tournaments $425
  • 14U 7 Tournaments $425
  • 15U 7 Tournaments $499
  • 16U 7 Tournaments $499

Tournaments are across the northeastern coast and are 3 + plus games each.

ESYC Elite’s 2015 AAU Program fee is TO BE DETERMINED per player (if paid by Credit Card or PayPal) as we are in the process of selecting 7 tournaments (6 for 10u) and 2 practices per week for each team; fees will cover AAU Insurance, tournaments, gym rental fees, equipment, and administrative costs. Player AAU Memberships, Coaches’ salaries for games, hotel lodging, and other miscellaneous expenses are not included within the AAU Program fee and will be handled separately.

What is AAU?
The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is one of the largest, non-profit, volunteer, sports organizations in the United States. A multi-sport organization, the AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness program.

How much does it cost to try-out for the ESYC Elite AAU basketball program?
The cost of the tryout is $20 (Spring AAU) for each participant.

How many tryouts does my child need to attend and what is the selection process like?
It is recommended that each player attend all tryouts because selections will be based on coach evaluations of performance during the tryout period.

Does the ESYC Elite AAU program have different levels for each team?
We project that we will have a Team A and Team B program for each age group. Final decision on the number of teams will be made during assessments. The clear delineation between the two will assist in scheduling, player development programming, and playing time issues. This is always an area of debate, as evaluations with regards to talent level and “right fit” are somewhat subjective, but we always strive to do our best with player placement.

If my child is selected to a team, how much does it cost to participate in the AAU program?
Spring AAU: Registration Costs for 2015 Spring AAU range from $399 to $499 (see price structure above). The first payment installment will be due the week of selection. The balance will be due in 30 days. This fee covers tournament entries, Coaches AAU fees, and insurance. Travel costs such as meals and hotels are not included in your registration. For any overnight events, ESYC Elite will provide advance notice of the event.

Who will be the coaches for the AAU programs?
Our Director of Basketball Operations will be assigning coaches to each team. Each team will be notified of their coach after tryouts are completed.

During the AAU season, where will the events be held?
All of our teams will be scheduled to different tournaments, many of which will be held at East Side Youth Center. We are fortunate to be hosting tournaments on our home courts. As we are a travel basketball organization, all teams should expect to participate in at least one overnight tournament this Spring 2015.

How many days a week will the teams practice?
Each player will receive approximately 25-30 hours of practice time. This will typically involve two practices per week during March and April, and one practice per week in May.

How many events will my child be participating in during the AAU season?
10 u teams will participate in 6 events between March and June. 11u and above teams will participate in 7 events between March and June. Players will be issued a calendar of “On-Weekends” and “Off-Weekends”. This will give you dates where we expect that your team will be playing, but not necessarily the name of each event.

How will we receive information during the season?
ESYC Elite is a website-driven organization. We will provide updates on tournaments and practices via the Team Snap online application. If you have Schedule Query, always check our with your head coach and /or team mom first before calling or emailing. Also, coaches will be issued emails for teams, in order to provide any necessary dialogue with families during the season.

For more information, contact Marlon Thomas at 610-842-1606, or email esychoops@gmail.com.

Find out about the Lehigh Valley Heat AAU Girls Tryouts


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