2012 Summer Activities

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1.  Computer Giveaway to the Student Athlete:  On average, students experience up to 2 months of academic loss over the summer! A FREE COMPUTER will be given to any ESYC Hoops Athlete that is CURRENTLY participating on an ESYC Basketball team or CURRENT ESYC Hoops Skills and Drills sessions (games or sessions between June 4 and August 25).  All that Student Athlete has to do is complete some homework assignments given by ESYC Hoops over the summer.  Assignments are due by August 20 for a computer order to be placed.   Find out more today!

2. ESYC Elite SUMMER CAMP !!! (Boys & Girls, age 8 thru 13): Bring your shorts, basketball sneakers, and a WINNING ATTITUDE… and get ready to go to summer school — BASKETBALL school, that is! Have fun hanging out with ESYC Coaches Marlon, Jason & Lou! 1-on-1, 3-on-3, shooting and ball handling competitions, and more! Application must be in my June 20. Camp Dates: 6/25-6/28, 7/23-7/26. 1pm-5pm/day at the ESYC. Registration and payment can be done online. You can also download further details and an application here.

3. Our ESYC Elite AAU Spring & Summer Basketball teams (Boys, 3rd grade and up) have been winning Tournament Championships throughout the North East. Our age 13 and Under team is THE top AAU Team in PA, and is headed to the AAU Nationals as the 2nd Seed Team out of the Mid-Atlantic!

We need the help of supporters in order for the team to travel and represent the Lehigh Valley. If you’d like to donate, simply click here.

4. ESYC Summer League Basketball (Registration ended May 24!): We’re taking it to the streets with our Summer League! ESYC Hoops is registering ballers who will play at Cedar Beach Park (home for the Stellar Construction Catch A Rising Star High School Basketball Showcase) this summer. Any girl or boy age 8 or above interested in improving their game in preparation for the Winter season… LOOK NO FURTHER. Any baller looking to do more than play at the basket down the block need to sign up SOON! REGISTRATION ENDS MAY 23. Come thru Tuesdays, Thursday @6pm.

5. Our ESYC Elite Futures Spring & Summer program (Girls and Boys, 2nd grade and up) have been helping increase skillsets, including dribbling, shooting, passing,and overall I.Q. The goal is to improve the level of our intramural players and transition them to play at the AAU level. So far, so good!


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