Lehigh Valley Pickup Games for Youth Ballers

Join this FACEBOOK GROUP and find pickup games for YOUNG BALLERS!

Youth Basketball Pickup In The Lehigh Valley

This group serves as a means to reach out to other parents and youth players and arrange pickup games/play dates at our local parks and open gyms. No refs, no fees, no whistles… just old- fashioned street ball to heighten the senses & reflexes of the game!streetball

1) Request to be added to this Facebook Group in order to post or receive automatic notifications.

2) Thereafter, you can post when you will be heading to a park or gym, and want others to join you.

When posting, be clear regarding the age of players, and location of play. It’s as simple as that! Youth players can combine their streetball play, and structured game play & training to become great players.

Combine streetball play with
and your baller can be unstoppable.

ADD YOUR FRIENDS TO THIS GROUP! One of the hardest things to find in the Lehigh Valley are youth basketball players to play with — especially when that player is a younger baller (pre-teen), or female.

*You must have a Facebook account and be logged in to access the group.

You can also follow @esychoops on Twitter for live notifications of pickup games, open gyms, etc, however, the best source is the Facebook group, Youth Basketball Pickup In The Lehigh Valley.


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