ESYC 6-Week’s Worth of Fundamentals (Week 3)

Intramural Skills Review, Week 3 of 6

Weeks:  One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six …

HOMEWORK  (Additional links to videos for demonstration here)

  1.  Watch the PICK & ROLL VIDEO on this page.
  2.  Perform the HOMEWORK  from Week 2 (REPETITION IS KEY!): If you have wall-to-wall carpet, practice on one knee in the bathroom.  Try to dribble without looking at the ball.  Get it done!  TWO WORDS:  WORK HARD!  TWO MORE WORDS:  NO EXCUSES!



  • Week 2 items (brief)
  •  Keep Away Drill/Game (ball-handling/protection)
  • Jab-step/backdoor-cut to basket (passing/layup)
  • Pick & Roll / iso play
  • Drives to basket (intro)

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