Get a FREE computer! ESYC Hoops Student Athlete Summer Challenge…

All ESYC Hoops Athletes that are CURRENTLY participating on an ESYC Basketball team or CURRENT ESYC Hoops Skills and Drills sessions (games or sessions between June 4 and August 25). All registration paperwork must be in, and all fees paid for player participation.


FIRST, the Student Athlete’s parent must contact Carolyn “Cookie” Ray at 484-547-1240 or by email at to let us know of your intention to participate. This will give ample time to plan for the amount of computers to order. SECOND, complete the academic assignments described below. It consists of 3 parts: reading, writing, and guess what? … arithmetic. YOU CAN DO IT! Also, if the Student Athlete or parent has a Facebook profile, they must subscribe to our ESYC Hoops page at by “Liking” it.

The current due date for ALL work is August 20, 2012. No exceptions.


  • Attach a copy of your report card to the Completed parts 1 & 2 of this Challenge (see below).
  • Contact Carolyn “Cookie” Ray at 484-547-1240, or send an email to to complete Part 3 in person — at the ESYC. (Be sure to bring your report card, and Parts 1 & 2 with you, in order to get Part 3.)
  • All work will be reviewed. If instructions have been followed, and your work is complete, a computer order will be placed for that ESYC Hoops Student Athlete, a certificate of completion will be granted to the Student Athlete, and that Student Athlete’s work may be displayed on our website, or Facebook page. We’re proud of you!
  • Included in your computer package will be the CPU and keyboard. Monitor not included. But hey, your computer IS FREE!
ESYC Hoops Student Athlete

ESYC Hoops Student Athlete

Ummmmm… why not? FACT: On average, students experience up to 2 months of academic loss over the summer! THEY FORGOT WHAT THEY’VE LEARNED, and start the Fall school year “behind”. Not a good look. THE PURPOSE OF THIS SUMMER CHALLENGE IS TO KEEP OUR ATHLETES SHARP and a step ahead when school starts in the Fall. For those seeking a College Scholarship, remember the first word is COLLEGE! If you’re a student, and you play sports, you’re already a student athlete … but the first word is STUDENT.

We realize that not all students are at the same academic level… and that is fine! This challenge is not about the BEST reader, or mathematician, but about putting forth your best effort when off the court. Complete the assignments. Show us that you gave THIS a shot. All work will be reviewed. Incomplete, sloppy work will not be rewarded. THIS IS THE REAL WORLD.

*Cases where students have special needs will be taken into consideration, and appropriate assignments will be given.  We’re consulting with school teachers on this one, so just let us know.


Contact Carolyn “Cookie” Ray at 484-547-1240, or email

READY, SET… GO!!! See the set of assignments below:


PART 1: Reading Is FUN-damental!
The ESYC Hoops Student Athlete must read 2 Chapter books of his/her choosing. The book should be according to their current reading level (or higher). For each book, the Student Athlete must fill out, and hand in a book summary form, which can be downloaded here.  ALL WORK MUST BE HAND-WRITTEN, NEATLY. That’s 2 book summaries we’ll be looking for!

PART 2: “Word-up”
The ESYC Hoops Student Athlete must choose 12 words from the vocabulary list for his/her current reading level (or higher). This is a chance to learn new words, so don’t choose words you already know. For each of the 12 words, the Student Athlete must 1) write the definition of the word, and 2) write a complete sentence showing the meaning of that word. The word lists can be downloaded here.  ALL WORK MUST BE HAND-WRITTEN, NEATLY.

PART 3: Math is a Fact Of Life.
Each ESYC Hoops Student Athlete must be able to complete 20 basic equations.  These are simple math facts.  No calculators allowed. The math worksheet is to be completed at the ESYC. Parts 1 & 2 of this assignment must be handed in first. Parents are to contact Carolyn “Cookie” Ray at 484-547-1240, or send an email to when the Student Athlete has completed Parts 1 & 2, and are ready for Part 3.

Suggested Practice/Study Guide for the Math requirement:
Grades 1 through 2 (completed): Practice addition and subtraction of numbers 0 through 10. Examples include: 1+2=3, 8+9=17,
10-4=6, 10+9=19, 8-3=5.

Grades 3 through 4 (completed): Practice the math for Grades 1 through 2 (above). Also practice multiplication and division of numbers 0 through 6. Examples include: 2×3=6, 6×5=30, 25 divided by 5=5.

Grades 5 and up (completed):
Practice the math for Grades 1 through 4 (above). Also practice multiplication and division of numbers 7 through 10.

WANT TO REALLY JUMP AHEAD?  Check out these websites!

Math worksheets:
Math games:
Khan Academy
Vocab rice donation:

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