ESYC Elite Jay Radio Invitational PLAYING RULES

2012 ESYC Elite Jay Radio Invitational™ PLAYING RULES

Playing Times: All Games Use Stop Clocks

10U Division- 2 (12 Minute Halves)
11U Division- 2 (12 Minute Halves)
12U Division- 2 (14 Minute Halves)
13U Division- 2 (14 Minute Halves)
14U Division- 2 (14 Minute Halves)
15U Division- 2 (14 Minute Halves)

Foul Out- 5 Fouls
1-1 Bonus- 10 Fouls
Double Bonus- 13 Fouls

Mercy Rule: If a team is ahead by 20 points or more with 2 minutes remaining in the contest the game will be called at that point. The team ahead by 20 will be awarded the victory.

Time Outs:
There will two full timeouts a half (4 per game) for each team. No carry over and no 30 seconds time outs.

Player Ejections: Any player ejected from a game will be suspended the next game. Any player involved in or ejected for fighting will be suspended the remainder of the tournament.

Birth Certificates: All teams must have birth certificates and report cards for each player on their roster in case of a challenge. Each team will be allowed unlimited grade exceptions. Grade Exceptions must have paperwork. AAU Rules are enforced in terms of age.

Challenges: Must be made before the game and will cost the challenging team $60. If the challenging team is correct their money will be refunded.

Tie Breaker Criteria (In Order):
1. Won-Loss Record
2. Head to Head Competition
3. Point System (Margin Of Victory)- Any team winning by more than 15 points will only be rewarded 15 points for the victory. So if you win by 20 points you still will be rewarded only 15 points.
4. Least Amount of Points allowed in Pool Play
5. Coin Flip
• Home teams will set to the left of the score table.
• Home teams will wear like color jersey and provide the game ball.
• Each team will provide a scorekeeper and the home team will be the official scorekeeper and will set to the right at the score table.
• Teams MUST provide their own balls.

• All teams must provide and show AAU cards, copies of birth certificate for all players and official roster.
• Refunds: There will be no refunds for any team pulling out of this event.
• Admissions: $ 6 Adults $ 3 Children under 12
• Each team will be given two coach passes. They must be presented at time of entry and will be stamped. If a badge is lost the daily fee will be applied. NO EXCEPTIONS. It is the Coach’s responsibility to monitor the use of these passes. Please count your team mom as a pass-holder unless the daily or weekend fee is paid.
• All teams MUST arrive together (Coaches, players and Team moms) one hour before your first game on Friday or Saturday and ½ hour before all other games.
• All teams must check in at the registration table on the first day of the tournament for processing, (Must provide and show AAU cards, copies of birth certificate for all players and official roster.)
• After completion of first game and each game thereafter; teams must check in with the Court Supervisor.
• At the end of each game coaches must report to the court supervisor to receive assignment of next game tim0e and location. NO EXCEPTIONS.
• Each Coach will be given passes for players and MUST be presented to enter the gym each time. Coaches are responsible for monitoring the players’ passes. If lost the daily fee will be applied.
• Players, coaches and bench personnel, who participate in fighting will be disqualified and banned from further participation in the tournament.
• Players, coaches and bench personnel, who are ejected from any game, will not be allowed to participate in the team’s next game.
• Protest of an Official’s judgment call will call will not be honored under any circumstance.
• There is a NO TOLERANCE POLICY, profanity, fighting, or any other act of disrespect or violence will not be tolerated. The player, coach or personnel responsible for such acts will be banned for the tournament.
• Coaches will be held responsible for the behavior and conduct of their players, parents an fans. Security measures will take place if necessary.

Team Name ______________________________________

Coach’s Name _____________________________________

Coach’s Signature ___________________________________


Verified By:________________________________________
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