ESYC Elite Delivers On Its Name

ESYC: East Side Youth Center
ELITE: “the choice or best of anything considered collectively, as of a group or class of persons.”

The ESYC Elite AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) Basketball Program was formulated with our first set of players filling rosters THIS YEAR, March 2012. Even in this, our inaugural year, every team — ranging from boys age 8 through age 13 — won at least one championship tournament. That, my friends, is no small feat. We are ELITE, and we deliver.

This year our Flagship Team is our 13U roster, who will be competing in the AAU Basketball National Tournament next month in Virginia. Just to let you understand this tremendous accomplishment, know that there are 3 ways to qualify for an AAU Basketball National Tournament: 1) place in the Top 4 of a Super Regional Tournament, 2) place in the Top 2 of a District Qualifying Tournament, 3) place in the Top 4 of the previous year’s National Championship tournament. To that point, our 13u Team is currently ranked 2nd in the Mid-Atlantic Region, and will be traveling to Hampton, VA this July to represent the Lehigh Valley!

If you like what ESYC Elite is doing for its community, help these boys travel to Hampton, VA, as well as further this AAU program with your online donation.

The ESYC Elite and overall ESYC Basketball Program is affecting young lives throughout the Lehigh Valley. Help them make a statement for the Lehigh Valley. Help forever change lives. Make a donation today, or attend our upcoming Casino Night fundraising event

What is the AAU?
Founded in 1888, the AAU (Amateur AThletic Union) was a leader in international sport representing the U.S. and worked closely to prepare Olymipic athletes. Today, the AAU represents 29 sports programs and has 33 national committees organizing the activities of these various sports. Over 125,000 athletes ranging from under age 9 through age 18 compete against some of the most skilled players in the country.

“IN BASKETBALL, AAU teams have risen to great prominence as powerhouse programs in big cities — attracting rosters full of blue-chip NCAA recruits. Performance in AAU play may be more important to those recruits than their own high school careers.” Many AAU players go on to have successful careers in College and various aspects of Sports Entertainment — including the NBA.

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