ESYC Elite 11u head to 2013 AAU Nationals!

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a Valley to train Champions. Meet the ESYC Elite 11u “610ers”: they come from Allentown, Bethlehem, Lower Macungie, and different parts of the Lehigh Valley. Can you name them individually? They are OUR Lehigh Valley boys, and they’ve made the statement clear throughout the Northeast coast, that THE LEHIGH VALLEY CAN BALL.

Director & Coach Marlon Thomas and the ESYC Elite 11u

Director & Coach Marlon Thomas and the ESYC Elite 11u

THE ESYC SLITE 11u “610ers” ARE OUR FLAGSHIP TEAM THIS YEAR. This year our 11u Team placed 3rd in the AAU Mid-Atlantic District. Essentially, the District consists of all of Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Northern Maryland, and Delaware! OUR LEHIGH VALLEY BOYS SURMOUNTED THE ODDS, and are headed to the AAU Nationals in Hampton, VA representing not only the Lehigh Valley, but the Mid-Atlantic United States!

The road to being among the top 3 in our Mid-Atlantic District took grind, and paid off along the way. The 11u have made it to the finals or the semi-finals in every tournament they’ve entered this year, often, “playing-up” against older-aged teams. The list of successes include:

  • Competitive Edge Winter AAU league Champions
  • Dakota Galusha Champions
  • Desales one day Shootout Champions
  • Hoop Group Philadelphia JamFest Champions
  • Jay Radio Invitational Champions
  • Hoop Group Tournament of Champions: lost in the finals to King Street Kings
  • Basketball Spotlight’s Atlantic City Showcase: record, 3-1 lost in the semi-final to NBA Basketball Academy
  • Earned the 3rd Seed at the Mid-Atlantic Super Regional tournament, with a 75-35 victory over the Philadelphia Legends

Three of our Lehigh Valley ESYC Elite players, (Nick Filchner, Julian Thomas, and Shane Dezonie) received recognition from Basketball Spotlight, a notable rankings site for AAU Ballers.

Medals awarded to ESYC Elite 11u

Medals awarded to ESYC Elite 11u


As mentioned, the 11u team will be competing in the AAU Basketball National Tournament next month in Hampton, Virginia. They qualified for this National tournament by placing in the Top 4 of a Super Regional Tournament, thereby representing the Lehigh Valley at AAU Nationals!

If you like what ESYC Elite is doing for its community, help these boys travel to Hampton, VA, as well as further this AAU program with your online donation.

The ESYC Elite and overall ESYC Basketball Program is affecting young lives throughout the Lehigh Valley. Help them make a statement for the Lehigh Valley. Help forever change lives. Make a donation today.

What is the AAU?

Founded in 1888, the AAU (Amateur AThletic Union) was a leader in international sport representing the U.S. and worked closely to prepare Olymipic athletes. Today, the AAU represents 29 sports programs and has 33 national committees organizing the activities of these various sports. Over 125,000 athletes ranging from under age 9 through age 18 compete against some of the most skilled players in the country.”IN BASKETBALL, AAU teams have risen to great prominence as powerhouse programs in big cities — attracting rosters full of blue-chip NCAA recruits. Performance in AAU play may be more important to those recruits than their own high school careers.” Many AAU players go on to have successful careers in College and various aspects of Sports Entertainment — including the NBA.-Sources: ,,

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