The Inside Scoop!

Gain insight to the “new” East Side Youth Center Basketball program based in Allentown, PA, ESYC Hoops.  As of the 2011-2012 season, Basketball Operations are led by Directors, Jason Boggs, and Marlon Thomas. Within this first year of leadership transition, East Side basketball has already made a statement, and is becoming a leading youth basketball program in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. It’s a BRAND NEW EAST SIDEStay tuned, and get the inside scoop right here!

Background Information:

Starting from Kindergarten age through Grade 9, ESYC Hoops is training champions with a goal of developing student athletes. Discipline as well as practice is key at this Lehigh Valley Basketball Program.

ESYC Hoops is the Basketball Operations Unit at East Side Youth Center (ESYC), a Pennsylvania non-profit [501 ( C ) ( 3 )] organization which welcomes ALL to our location in East Allentown, Pennsylvania. Although the ESYC mainly reaches those in the Lehigh Valley, there are no residential restrictions.

Founded in 1955, ESYC focuses on providing positive and high quality recreational, educational, and community-based program activities for the youth and adults.


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