ESYC Elite Development Basketball Spring League RETURNS!

The Developmental League has returned for another spring of teaching kids the game from the ground up.  Register Online Now.  Player Assessments will begin Friday March 9th 6:00 pm @ East Side Youth Center.

The D-League Youth Developmental Basketball League:

2018 ESYC D-League


the upcoming NEW 2018 D-League is for BOYS from ages 8 – 14 and GIRLS from ages 10-14.

Friday March 9th 2018@ 6:00 PM 

Friday March 16th 2018 @ 6:00 PM

Friday March 23rd 2018 @ 6:00 PM 



To help players grow in athletic skills, conditioning and self-confidence. To show that regardless of your skill level, if you concentrate on the court, you can make plays for a basketball team To help youths learn from basketball:

Teamwork                      Composure

Self-Discipline               Dignity

Sportsmanship             Respect

Positive Attitude           Responsibility


Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there tryouts?
There are no tryouts, and no one will be cut!  Players will be evaluated to assess their skill level solely for the purpose of balancing team skill-sets. Register Online Now.

Does the $135 cost cover tryout fees?
There are no tryout fees since there are no tryouts.

What does the fee include?
The fee includes 7-8 in-house games, discounted skills & drills sessions, gym rental, coaching, and a t-shirt.  Registration for the D-League season is available now.

Can my child attend first to see if he/she likes it before we commit to registering & payment?
NO. Players will not be evaluated or be allowed to play without full registration & payment.

When are practices scheduled?
There are no practices scheduled. Players simply attend scheduled games and are coached for their playing period. It is presumed that most players have some team experience. However, as the developmental league is also instructional, players will receive balanced playing time as much as possible, to ensure exposure to the game. Experienced coaches will offer players game-time tips.

I can only attend one Player Evaluation session. Is this ok?
Yes. However, it is always best to attend more than one session so that your player can be better evaluated. Players can have “off” days, as well as their “best day ever”, and not be accurately assessed according to their consistent play.

Will there be uniforms?
Players will receive t-shirts for their assigned team. T-shirts are included in the cost.

Is this part of the AAU program?
No. This development league is offered as a different option to play Spring or Fall basketball. Often players will have developed their skills enough to play on AAU teams after playing in this development league.

My child does not live in the vicinity.  May he/she still participate?
Yes! There are no residency restrictions for this program.

My child has never played on a team before. Is this program the right fit?
It is presumed that players already know how to dribble and shoot, and understand the basic fundamentals of the game. These skills may have been learned at the local park. The development league is not designed to teach players how to dribble and shoot, but to help players gain increased comfort in using their learned skills so as to improve their game-time extincts.

Is there equal playing time for players?
Games are designed so that all players get balanced playing time as much as possible per 20-minute half on a running clock, assuming a 10-player roster. This does not guarantee ball touches, nor player roles.

How are teams structured?
Teams are structured EVENLY as much as possible according to evaluated skillsets as well as age, height, gender, and overall basketball experience. Former teammates are often split across D-League teams to create balance within the league. Players are not guaranteed placement with specific coaches or friends. This approach creates a fairness within the league, fosters a learning environment, and promotes creativity.

Can I mail in a check or pay cash?
The method of payment strongly preferred is through our online process, although cash payments can be made in person during player assessments

Will there be a tournament or championship game?
No. Although the games get pretty competitive, the emphasis for this league is DEVELOPMENT. Introducing a tournament or championship places an emphasis on winning, and the development of weakness among players gets overlooked. There’s plenty of time for that in competitive leagues.

Are these games officiated?

Development League Phone Contact: Marlon Thomas, 610-842-1606,


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