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PLEASE NOTE: All ESYC participants (parents, players, coaches, officials & spectators) are to adhere to our Zero Tolerance Policy.


Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser:

Friday, October 17 @7PM.  Join us at the Longhorn Steakhouse in Whitehall at 1035 Grape Street!breastCancer

Fall D-League League Games, September thru November:

@ ESYC: Games begin 10:00 am. See weekly schedule, game re-cap, & rosters

Fall Elite Training Series:

Clinics that are designed to enhance the player’s fundamental skills. These sessions will teach the player shooting technique, passing, pivoting, first step off the dribble (driving), rebounding, footwork, and dribbling. We invite some of the top high school and college coaches to train the kids within our community.

TUESDAYS 6 pm – 8 pm

September 9th – Palisades High School Ken Termini

September 16th – Notre Dame High School Pat Boyle

September 23rd- Desales University Scott Coval

September 30th- Northwestern High School Billy Hallman

October 7th -Moravian College James Walker

October 14th- Parkland High School Andy Stephens

October 21st- Allen All-Time Leading Scorer Ray Barbosa

SATURDAYS 12 pm – 2 pm

September 6th- Allen High School Doug Snyder

September 20th – NBA Legend Darryl Dawkins

September 27thFormer NBA Player Horace Jenkins

October 4th – The Hoop Group Skills Trainer Ryan Finch

October 11th – Central Catholic Dennis Csencsits

October 18th – D1 Workouts Skills Trainer Don Dentith

October 25thLehigh Valley Heat Girls Skills Trainer

November 1stMuhlenberg College Scott McClary

HoopRootz Lehigh Valley Skillscase Saturday October 25th

On-Going Events (See EXCEPTIONS above). Click on the Title link for more information on the event:

Sunday Monday Tuesday
6:00pm – 7:15pm: “Good Vs Great Workouts Intermediate”

7:15pm – 8:30pm: “Good Vs Great Workouts Advanced” .

Cost is $15 per player. Starting September 8th

6:00pm – 8:00pm: “Fall Elite Training Series” .

Cost is $15 per player. Starting September 9th

Wednesday Saturday
6:00pm – 7:15pm: “Good Vs Great Workouts Intermediate”

7:15pm – 8:30pm: “Good Vs Great Workouts Advanced” .

Cost is $15 per player. Starting September 10th

12:00pm – 2:00pm: “Fall Elite Training Series” .Cost is $15 per player. Starting September 6th

(No Event on September 13th 2014)

*ADVANCED: Players should be able to dribble — WITH EYES/CHIN UP — with either hand, perform BOTH left and right hand layups, execute between leg, behind-back, in/out, and step-crossover moves with speed and efficiency, and successfully shoot jumpers off the dribble (min. 15 foot). All skills must show proper footwork. Players should be able to follow multiple drill instructions and execute drills (through skill AND behavior) so as not to impede upon the progress of the drills for other advanced players.

ESYC Elite Development League 2014 – Weekly News

Full schedule is listed below under the team rosters. 

10/4 Game re-cap:  One of the things emphasized in the D League is RISK-TAKING.

POWers! Week 3, Game 1:  Anthony & Austin

POWers! Week 3, Game 1: Anthony & Austin

Players are encouraged to drive, dive, and slash! It’s all about missing now so they can make it during the season. This weekend’s games encompassed just that.

In Game 1, Teams Neon and Red continuously traded leads in a very physical game!  Egos flared as Coaches — in the spirit of GOOD competition — exchanged banter! All the while, players left it all on the floor ignoring sore legs and hurt toes  — and in “Kobe-like fashion” continued to battle to the end.

In Game 2, Team White showed heart and craftiness with step-back jumpers, spin-moves in the paint, and more!  Team Blue answered back with on-ball steals (can you say COOKIES?), at-will drives in the paint, and a

POWers!  Week 3, Game 2:  Connor & Casey

POWers! Week 3, Game 2: Connor & Casey

full-court transition that kept this game at a very fast pace.

This week’s Players Of The Week (POWers!) represent both new D-Leaguers, as well as D-League veterans: Anthony Sarkozy (Team Red), Austin Santiago (Team Neon), Connor Carey (Team White), and Casey Fiore (Team Blue).


  • Team Black had a bye week, and will attend the Monday 6pm Good v Great skills & drills intermediate session on Monday, 10/6.
  • This coming Saturday Team Blue will have a bye week, and will attend the Monday 6pm Good v Great skills & drills intermediate session the week of 10/13.
  • Games will start at 10am on Saturdays starting 9/27 through 10/25.
  • Bye Week explained:  One team will have a bye week each week, meaning that instead of playing a Saturday game, they will attend the Monday 6pm Good v Great skills & drills session. When having a “bye week”, team players must wear their D-League t-shirts to the Monday night skills & drills session in order to obtain free admission (Team 4 players will submit their names at the door for their 1st bye week).
  • Game day: Please arrive 20 minutes early for t-shirt distribution and to review strategies with Coaches

Below are team roster assignments (as of September 29, 4:35pm).   CHECK BACK FOR ROSTER CHANGES BEFORE ARRIVING.  Note changes by asterisks (* – traded, ** – added, *** – conditional/may be traded):

Coach Jaime Benson (Black) J. Benson
J. Benson
X. Goodman
A. Hurlburt
K. McKiernan
B. Nunez
Q. O’Connor
J. Schenck
T. Thomas
F. Vazquez
M. Wittland
Coach Jason Cepeda (Red) A. Alvarado
J. Baker
Q. Brunner
N. Cepeda
A. Cercado
A. Censits
N. Oloughlin
J. Plessl*
A. Sarkozy
Z. Zounker
Coach Edgardo Ortiz (Blue) J. Albert
I. Alexander
J. Ensley
C. Fiore
D. Francois
S. Knudsen
M. Ortiz
C. Ray
N. Strobl
Coach Patti Lengle (White) A. Aidara
C. Carey
N. Chimelis*
G. Graeves
G. Graeves
B. Hensinger
E. Matos
J. Medina
E. Rivera
A. Shabazz
Coach Marqus Hunter (Neon) J. Cutignola
Z. Esaw
V. Hanumaihgari
A. LeBlanc
G. Morales
D. Phillips
J. Phillips
D. Rogers
A. Santiago
J. Thomas
R. Tracchio

Game Schedule (most games are 10am and 11am)

Date 9am 10am 11am Bye
9/20 Black v Red Blue v Neon - White
9/27 none Black v White Red v Blue Neon
10/4 none Red v Neon Blue v White Black
10/11 none Black v Neon Red v White Blue
10/18 none Black v Blue White v Neon Red
10/25 none Black v Red Blue v Neon White
11/1 Black v White Red v Blue White v Neon none


Week 2 POWers! Jalil & Bryce

POWers!  Week 2, Game 1: Jalil & Bryce

9/27 Game re-cap:  The ESYC Elite Developmental Basketball League games continued Saturday, September 27.  Team White made its D-League debut after it’s initial Bye week with skills & drills. Team

Black seemed to have settled in — with teammates showing a sense of familiarity and trust, as they battled it out with Team White in Game 1.

Game 2 was yet another nail-biting 2-point ending game as Teams Blue and Red exchanged leads.  Great defensive efforts were made throughout, offering nothing short of an entertaining morning for all.

Week 2 POWers! Mike & QuincyThis week’s Players Of The Week (POWers!) represent both new D-Leaguers, as well as D-League veterans: Jalil Schenk (Team Black), Bryce Hensinger (Team White), Quincy Brunner (Team Red), and Mike Ortiz (Team Blue).

POWers! Week 2, Game 2: Mike & Quincy

9/20 Game re-cap: The ESYC Elite Developmental Basketball League games began POWers! Week 1, Game 1:  Quinn & AlexSaturday, September 20. With AAU-caliber players distributed throughout the league, each game had nail-biting endings with final scores differing by no more than 4 points! Ball touches was not a problem as team mates distributed and trusted, coaches subbed evenly and strategized, and all players couldn’t help but get better at this game.

New faces to the league made themselves known, while returning ESYC D-Leaguers that have worked on their craft
showed those results on both ends of the floor.

POWers! Week 1, Game 1: Quinn & Alex –>

POWers! Week 1, Game 2:  Demetrius & Jake

Players Of The Week (POWers!) are Quinn O’Connor (Team Black), Alex Cercado (Team Red), Demetrius Rogers (Team Neon), and Jake Albert (Team Blue).

POWers! Week 1, Game 2: Demetrius & Jake –>

League Phone Contact:Marlon Thomas, 610-842-1606,

ESYC Elite AAU Announces 5-Organization Merger!

AAU Merger

Prediction: College Coaches throughout the nation will have this side of Pennsylvania on speed dial, as the upcoming year promises to be an explosive one!
This past year, we merged with two AAU organizations: Wall 2 Wall and The Lehigh Valley Lady Heat. Founded by Charles Rockmore, Wall 2 Wall helped our directors to learn more about the AAU Circuit and assisted this season in cultivating some of the most well-rounded teams on many age levels for our program.  With the Leadership team of Michael Williams, Troy Snead, Christian Lockhart, Stevion Jones and Odess Carnes, the  Lehigh Valley Lady Heat now heads our girls program year-round, and has essentially elevated the level of play for girls desiring to play at an elite level. The result: Players competed and won Championships at some of its highest levels as an organization to date — capturing even AAU National Championship medals!
With this recent success, ESYC Elite is now merging with additional organizations to not only take AAU Nationals by storm, but to grant players the best success and college exposure possible. Players will be able to compete at venues of the highest levels — not just on the Northeast Coast, but throughout the country!

The 5-organization merger includes ESYC Elite, Wall 2 Wall, Lehigh Valley Lady Heat, Integrity Sports, and Reading Kids That Ball (KTB)! With our community moving together as one, we now can play and compete at most ANY level.

ESYC Elite Conquers 2014 AAU Nationals!

With a total of 13 regional and national teams this year, the 2014 ESYC Elite program had an extremely successful 2014 AAU season.  All teams represented grades 4th through 9th with 3 teams going on to compete at the Division III AAU Nationals in Hampton, VA.  All three of these teams represented our community well and finished within the top three of each of their age brackets:

ESYC Elite 4th grade team – 2nd Place Division III Nationals4th Grade 2014 AAU Nationals
The 4th grade team was comprised of Kyle Melson (Lehigh Parkway), Tyson Thomas (St. Thomas More), Jeremiah Johnson (Sheridan), Fabian Galan (Sheridan), Peyton Marciniak (Cetronia), Alex Cercado (Zephyr), Jackson Friz (Willow Lane), Brendon Reed (Saucon Valley), Ryan DeJohn (Lower Mac), Chase Fotta (Willow Lane) and Shy’heed Jenkins (Jersey City). This team was perceived the underdog by most, but they went out each and every game and left it all on the floor. They ended up losing by 2 points in overtime in the championship game.

ESYC Elite 6th grade team – 1st Place Division III Nationals
Following last year’s loss in the Sweet 16, this team had one goal and that was to return to Hampton this year and win a national championship. They were led by the “3 Horsemen” – Nicholas Filcher (Northampton), Julian Thomas (St. Thomas More) and Isaac White (Coventry) on their run to win the title. Christian Hudson 6th Grade 2014 AAU Nationals(Parkland) and Deshawn Scarboro (Pleasant Valley) were defensive stoppers that no point guard could get by to start their offense. Liam Garrett (Lower Macungie) and Devon Bollinger (Northwestern) were workhorse in the blocks whether it was grabbing rebounds, blocking shots or scoring in the paint. Trevor Wall (Mary Mother of the Redeemer) and Jaylen Green (Catasauqua) were the two floor generals that complimented each other all tournament with the perfect 1-2 combination that kept most teams off balance with our offensive attack. Green, nursing a sprained ankle, willed his way through and fought hard to contribute to the team’s success. Louie Baloh (St. Thomas More), Matt Rauscher (Northwestern) and Tyson Thomas (St. Thomas More) complimented the team to come in and contribute on the floor.

Our leaders led, our scorers scored, and our role players played their part to a tee. This year, we played as a team and that’s what it takes to win championships.

ESYC Elite 7th grade team – 3rd Place Division III Nationals
ESYC Elite2014 7th Grade AAU NationalsWith the merger of ESYC ELITE and Wall2Wall, the 7th grade team turned out to be a special group of kids. Winning tournaments like the Basketball Spotlight, Trojan Classic, HoopGroup Summer Showdown, Berks Red Storm Shootout, Pennsylvania Jamfest and also coming in 3rd place for D-3 Nationals down in Hampton, VA.  This was a very balanced team with a big force like Jayson “Chico” Whyte and outside shooting from players like Justin “J.P.” Paz and Sam Yadush. But the team was complete because of players like Jordan McGraw, Alin Jones, Cameron Brooks, Sam Vaughan, Justin Rockmore, Wade Albore, Matt Shiffer, and the additions of Will Bowen and A.J. Mitchell. Because of the hard work they put in throughout the entire AAU season, these kids should have a great winter season for the school they  play for. Their coaches are going to see a huge improvement.

The success will not stop here. With the high degree of success in bringing ESYC Elite and Wall2Wall together more organizational mergers are currently under development!

ESYC Elite Development Basketball Fall League RETURNS!



Skill evaluations were held Saturday, Sept 6.  Team rosters and the game schedule will be available online by September 18 in time for the 1st set of games on September 20.  Rosters are available now!

The upcoming NEW 2014 D-League Fall League is for Boys and Girls from ages 7 – 14 is rapidly approaching. This league is offered to the community at large, the Developmental Indoor Basketball League gives players the opportunity to develop their game!  A number of players that participated in the 2013 D-League played AAU-level basketball this past AAU Season.


To help players grow in athletic skills, conditioning and self-confidence. To show that regardless of your skill level, if you concentrate on the court, you can make plays for a basketball team To help youths learn from basketball:

Teamwork                      Composure

Self-Discipline               Dignity

Sportsmanship             Respect

Positive Attitude           Responsibility

Week 4: Players of the Week Selma, Riley, Zhontay & Jemel

Week 4: Players of the Week
Selma, Riley, Zhontay & Jemel

Week 5:  Players of the Week:  Thomas, Donavon, Brandon & Manny

Week 5: Players of the Week: Donavon, Thomas, Brandon & Manny

8/5 D- League Registration
8/7 D- League Registration
8/12 D- League Registration
8/14 D- League Registration
8/19 D- League Registration
8/21 D- League Registration
9/6 Pre-Season Evaluations  10am
9/20 D-League Season Starts  9am
11/1 D-League Season Finale

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there tryouts?
There are no tryouts, and no one will be cut!  Players will be evaluated to assess their skill level solely for the purpose of balancing team skillsets.

Does the $135 cost cover tryout fees?
There are no tryout fees since there are no tryouts.

What does the fee include?
The fee includes 7-8 in-house games, discounted skills & drills sessions, gym rental, coaching, and a t-shirt.

Can my child attend first to see if he/she likes it before we commit to registering & payment?
NO. Players will not be evaluated or be allowed to play without full registration & payment.

When are practices scheduled?
There are no practices scheduled. Players simply attend scheduled games and are coached for their playing period. It is presumed that most players have some team experience. However, as the developmental league is also instructional, players will receive balanced playing time as much as possible, to ensure exposure to the game. Experienced coaches will offer players game-time tips.

I can only attend one Player Evaluation session. Is this ok?
Yes. However, it is always best to attend more than one session so that your player can be better evaluated. Players can have “off” days, as well as their “best day ever”, and not be accurately assessed according to their consistent play.

Will there be uniforms?
Players will receive t-shirts for their assigned team. T-shirts are included in the cost.

Is this part of the AAU program?
No. This development league is offered as a different option to play Spring basketball. Often players will have developed their skills enough to play on AAU teams after playing in this development league.

My child does not live in the vicinity.  May he/she still participate?
Yes! There are no residency restrictions for this program.

My child has never played on a team before. Is this program the right fit?
It is presumed that players already know how to dribble and shoot, and understand the basic fundamentals of the game. These skills may have been learned at the local park. The development league is not designed to teach players how to dribble and shoot, but to help players gain increased comfort in using their learned skills so as to improve their game-time extincts.

Can I mail in a check or pay cash?
The method of payment strongly preferred is through our online process, although cash payments can be made in person during player assessments

Will there be a tournament or championship game?
No. Although the games get pretty competitive, the emphasis for this league is DEVELOPMENT. Introducing a tournament or championship places an emphasis on winning, and the development of weakness among players gets overlooked. There’s plenty of time for that in competitive leagues.

Are these games officiated?

Development League Phone Contact: Marlon Thomas, 610-842-1606,

5th Annual Lehigh Valley Heat DorneyFest

 June 20 – June 21, 2014

BOYS grade 4 through 11 from across the NorthEast U.S, putting on display the talent and skill of some of the the TOP AAU TEAMS in this country !!!

Tournament Schedule/Brackets:  *******Schedule Updated Saturday 12:13 AM****** DORNEY JAMFEST SCHEDULEDorney Fest

Team Registration And/Or Payment: Registration is now closed!!!!


ESYC Player Waiver and Release Form

Contact information:
Marlon Thomas – 610-842-1606


Gym locations:

Louis E. Dieruff High School

815 N irving St.
Allentown, PA 18109

William Allen High School
126 N 17th St.
Allentown, PA 1810


Dorney Park



Courtyard by Marriott, Easton/Bethlehem, PA

Peggy Godfrey, Sales Director

2220 Emrick Boulevard, Bethlehem, PA 18018

S: 610-625-9515 H: 610-625-9500 F: 610-625-8817

Book your group rate: Lehigh Valley Heat DorneyFest;

Would like to submit questions? Contact us via online form

Baby Ballerz Summer League


 2014 Baby Ballerz SUMMER Basketball League

Baby Ballerz

Starting June 13th  through July 25th

Games Played indoors at East Side Youth Center


 Skills & Drills on Fridays 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Games played on Fridays 6 pm – 8 pm

(some games will be held on weeknights to accommodate scheduling conflicts)  

BOYS Grades K thru 4th Grade

 GIRLS Grades K thru 5th Grade

COST: $75 per player

  Guarantee 6+ Games

ENTRY DEADLINE: June 20, 2014

Games will start June 13 , 2014

REGISTER @ ESYC and /or for any Additional Information:


Carlos Rivera – 610-570-3749
East Side Youth Center 1140 East Clair Street Allentown PA 18109


Dorney Park


2014 ESYC Elite Summer League Rosters

Congratulations to the 2014 Summer League Players!  Listed below are 2014 summer team rosters.  LEAGUE SCHEDULE: CLICK HERE

Junior A Teams:

7th / 8th Grade Grey Team
Efrain Raimundo: (610) – 570 – 8329

  1. I. Frison
  2. G. Martinez
  3. S. kuna
  4. M. Gordan
  5. J. Rivera
  6. M. Moore
  7. E. Palmer
  8. A. Schrayder
  9. D. Miller
  10. D. Garcia
  11. J. Plessl
7th / 8th Grade Blue Team
Carlos Rivera: (610) – 570 – 3749

  1. S. Vaughn
  2. B. Jones
  3. C. Brooks
  4. J. Chambliss
  5. J. Marrero
  6. C. Richardson
  7. S. Dezonie
  8. N. Lessig
  9. W. Albore
  10. M. Schiffer
  11. S. Yadush
  12. C. Leighton

Junior B Teams:

7th / 8th Grade Grey Team
Mark Crable: 484 – 358 – 5825 

  1. S. Cyphers
  2. F. Rauscher
  3. N. Hudak
  4. D. Boyko
  5.  O. Kennedy
  6. T. Travis
  7. G. Smith
  8. J. Felix
  9. J. Mctier
  10. J. Orlenna
  11. T. Sylvestor
  12. J. Plessl
  13. V. De La Cru
  14. D. Stephenides
  15. N. Legree
7th / 8th Grade Blue Team
Marlon Thomas: (610) – 842 – 1606 

  1. J. Thomas
  2. N. Filchner
  3. I. White
  4. J. Green
  5. D. Bollinger
  6. L. Garrett
  7. L. Baloh
  8. C. Hudson
  9. M. Rausher
  10. D. Scarboro
  11. A. Williams
  12. E. Wood
  13. J. Walsh


Cadet A Teams:

5th / 6th Grade Blue Team
Andres Cooper: 484 – 597 – 9221 

  1. T. Thomas
  2. E. Rivera
  3. S. Smith
  4. Z. Ankron
  5. C. Gery
  6. T. Rolle
  7. I. Harris
  8. R. Roth
  9. F. Galan
  10. J. Felix
  11. J. Sheriff
  12. J. Jordan
  13. E. Vaughn
  14. A. Burmeister
  15. J. Hrycyszyn
5th / 6th Grade Grey Team
Maurice Moore: 484 – 597 – 1143 

  1. B. Santana
  2. R Santana
  3. J. Heineman
  4. C. Kenny
  5. I. Tyler
  6. C. Robinson
  7. A. Khan
  8. E. Callazo
  9. D. Hill
  10. J. Romero
  11. R. London
  12. N. Chimeliss

Cadet B Teams:

5th / 6th Grade Blue Team
Jason Cepeda: 484 – 273 – 1817 

  1. D. Phillips
  2. A. Morales
  3. J. Johnson
  4. L. Eggleston
  5. N. Cepeda
  6. R. Millan
  7. X. Martin
  8. A. Sorber
  9. A. Sorber
  10. G. Mckenzie
  11. C. Carey
5th / 6th Grade Blue Team
Edgar Ortiz: 484 – 632 – 1414

  1.  D. Rodgers
  2. M. Ortiz
  3. J. Espinosa
  4. A. Ward
  5. S. Charles
  6. J. Nunez
  7. A. Csensits
  8. D. Ike
  9. C. McClary
  10. J. Hrucyszyn
  11. D. Scialla
  12. R. Tracchio
  13. N. Strobl


Minor A Teams:

3rd / 4th Grade Team
Craig Luska: 610 – 739 – 9027

  1. A. Cercado
  2. P. Marciniak
  3. B. Kieres
  4. J. Friz
  5. B. Reed
  6. R. Jackson
  7. L. Johnson
  8. C. Fotta
  9. R. Dejohn
  10. L. Johnson
  11. J. Wiggins
  12. N. Stephen
  13. J. Hanvey

Minor B Team:

3rd / 4th Grade Team
Jaime Benson 484 – 350 – 5688 

  1. M. Wittland
  2. D. Dickerson
  3. A. Sarkozy
  4. J. Phillips
  5. G. Greaves
  6. G. Greaves
  7. J. Benson
  8. J. Benson
  9. J. Naylor
  10. K. Melson
  11. B. Nunez
  12. B. Gallagher
  13. N. Davis
  14. J. Turley
  15. D. Marx

Boys and Girls grades K-4 :
If you’re name is not listed on a team and you are still interested in playing summer basketball, please conact us about our new Baby Baller Summer League!

For more information, contact Marlon Thomas at 610-842-1606, or email



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The Largest High School Outdoor Basketball Tournament Introduces: GrassRootz Future Starz

 July 9 – July 13, 2014

BOYS and GIRLS grades 5 through 9 from across the NorthEast U.S, putting on display the talent and skill of some of the the TOP AAU TEAMS in this country !!!

Tournament Schedule/Brackets (Revisit week of July 9):

Team Registration And/Or Payment: Complete Online


ESYC Player Waiver and Release Form

Contact information:
Glenn Klein – 610-533-1606


Gym locations:

Cedar Beach Park
2600 Parkway Boulevard
Allentown, PA 18104

Would like to submit questions? Contact us via online form


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